Happy National Poetry Month

by Angela Yuriko Smith

Read with caution—there is blood in these pages. There is also sweat, tears, courage and hope. There are stories that challenge perception and stories that expose deception. There are poems to inspire, heal and offend.

Besides the words, there are the souls of the 31+ artists, poets, writers and creatives watching you from the space between lines. They hold their breath as your eye passes over them. They seek to make a difference to you.

This is Space and Time magazine, the oldest, continuously published, speculative fiction magazine still printing today, and I’m the new publisher. I stand in a precarious place at the magazine.

S&T has been around long enough to have a soul. Changing too much would eclipse what the magazine is, but change is also inevitable. Evolve or become fossilized. Move forward or become obsolete.

My challenge is to renew and retain the spirit instilled when founder Gordon Linzner pulled the first copies of S&T off a mimeograph machine in 1966. The purpose remains the same: to discover stories and poetry that change the future, open minds and challenge the status quo.  I hope to see S&T doing just this for another 52 years.

I’m happy to say I’m not quite as old as S&T,  but I have been involved with publishing and writing professionally since the late 90's—and I am still dazzled by all of it. 

Were it not for devouring books and discovering writing, I wouldn’t have made it this long. When sticks and stones break bones, words are all we have left. Luckily, they are all we need.

Literature is a lifeline. It’s the foundation from which civilization rises. It is how we know what has happened, and how we dream of what might happen. 

I take this role seriously, but I reject caution. To be open to the speculative genre is to be tested. May we ever embrace the challenge and complacency never touch us.