by John Reinhart

launched successfully into space,
the shuttle was found by a race
trying to escape
a dead planetscape
that the last shuttle's arrival erased

Copyright © 2019 by John Reinhart

​Ode to Freeman Dyson

by K.B. Kofoed

Freeman thinks it's simple to find the cosmic dimple
that's the hallmark of a race that's quite advanced.

In theory, he supposes, they could fill their sky with hoses
but I wonder if they've learned to sing and dance.

Some might think it queer, this cosmic Dyson Sphere,
but I guess we'll learn to love it 'fore we die.

Still, it seems a life of Hell to live inside a shell
and never see the stars up in the sky.

Copyright © 2019 by K.B. Kofoed

The Last of Us

by Christina Sng

​The world grows silent
After the spaceships are gone.
Only the dead surround me,
Lifeless and torn.

I watch the maggots feast--
They inherit the Earth
And I will remain here
Till my duty is done.

Across the field, the foliage loom
Victorious in finally expelling the fauna.
It will not be long before they
Drink up the corpses, fertilizing

A new breed of plant life.
I finally touch a thick succulent leaf.
It is as alien as I'd imagined.
Someday when my batteries are dead

They will cover the world.
Earth will be much better for it.

​Copyright © 2019 by Christina Sng

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