A Door Opens by Gordon Linzner

Twisted-Up Things by Evey Brett

XY-Girls by Derwin Mak

The Garden by Clinton Lawrence

Little Feather by Sally McBride

* The Arms Dealer's Daughter by Loren Rhoads


* Beast in Show, a Bianca Jones Story by John L. French


A Prophecy by William Shaw

#1 by Todd French

Think Bank by Lily Tierney

Go See the Junkman by Jose M. Quintero

Long Gone by Lisa Timpf

oops by John Reinhart

Revisiting the origins of Language by Terrie Leigh Relf

The Last of Us by Christina Sng

Ode to Freeman Dyson by K.B. Kofoed

Mer-love by John Philip Johnson

The Space Between Us by Holly Lyn Walrath

Free by Robert Beveridge

Fading by Roh Morgon

Dinosauric by Claire T. Feild

Vase of Water, My Soul's Remedy by Terran L. Randolph


Editorial A-Musings by Angela Yuriko Smith

Take Two on the Movies: There's No "I" in "Team" by Daniel M. Kimmel

Sneak a Peek at Terrible Tim by Angela Yuriko Smith

Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison

​Issue #133–Spring/Summer 2019

Table of Contents