January 2020

The Ties That Blind Us

The helix binds us, double-stranded, base-coded, 
a relative connection manipulated 
Intangible links constrict at impending time 
The deep soul entwined. A bloodline sway. 

Steel of brothers cross away. One did fall. 
The other regrets the day... 
Kisses, kith and kin… the hearth is stained. The family ends...
Bones break when love relates.

As her crows circle slowly around her head, 
beating their wings in terrible silence. 
When Blood is watered down by too many sins, 
it runs pale and thin 

​Written by Stephanie Ellis, Ryan Aussie Smith, Luiz Peters, Dakota Cato, Angela Yuriko Smith, Quinn Cato, Marge Simon and Elsa M. Carruthers

Exquisite Corpse

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What is an Exquisite Corpse?

An exquisite corpse poem is created by different people giving a line unrelated to the previous line. A poem is built from many authors, following the same rule or theme. In this case, there are no rules but it is a line, so no paragraphs please. You can read more about them here.

February's topic is: What we do for love.

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