Open for Submissions

We seek: original art, illustrations and comic-formatted stories of a speculative nature—science fiction, fantasy, horror, or any combination thereof.

You send: samples of your work, either by email or online link. All artwork in S&T is assigned by our art editor. You may also send physical samples of your work (non-returnable) to:

We pay: $10 for interior illustrations, $25 for cover upon acceptance. We buy first print and electronic rights. After a work is published, rights immediately revert to the artist. We will do our best to respond to all submissions within six weeks. If you don’t hear from us after six weeks, your submission was not accepted.

Are your thoughts not quite...normal? Then we are looking for you.

Before man could fly, some writer dreamed of it. In a time when midwives were burned as witches, space remained unexplored and fantasy was frowned upon, forward thinkers dared to have bigger thoughts and preserve them in ink. We seek those words. 

Here at Space and Time we open our pages to those that can see beyond the horizons into our future. We welcome poetry, art and fiction that bend rules, transcend genre and break stereotypes. We accept the unacceptable—as long as it's well written, submitted in standard electronic manuscript format and polished to a high gloss. We hope to find the unexpected. We have the space, and the time, to seek it.


Space and Time Magazine

Submissions Department
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Independence, MO 64051 

"Why do we write? Every writer has their own reasons. My own reasons aren't bizarre. I write because it helps me sort my thoughts. If I sort the world into symbols of ink, I can make sense of it—the good and evil. Without the ability to release what's in my mind and trap it on paper, I'm certain I would be mad.

Why do I publish? Because words, and writers, are the most important element of humanity. Without writers there would be no continuity for man and womankind—no history, no future. We would exist in ignorance full of voiceless dreams that evaporate into nothingness against the stars. We need writers that sacrifice sunny days for scribbling in a closet. We need writers that give life to the story that wells up inside them in spite of it all.

To work on a magazine is to hunt for literary treasure. We seek the Tolkiens, Rowlings,

Le Guins and Kings on their way to the top so we can touch greatness, unedited and raw—so that we can help another voice to sing on paper. To stand in the unrefined light of a new Poe and read that first submission... to help fine words come to light... this is the dream."

— Angela Yuriko Smith
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Space and Time Magazine