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Hands of a Toolmaker

Eric Del Carlo


Glen Hirshberg


Alessandro Manzetti

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​​Ashers to Ashers:

Who is behind ReTech?

Angela Yuriko Smith

Mad Science: The Man in the White Suit

​​Daniel M. Kimmel

Speculating: 11354.9
Angela Yuriko Smith

The final issue of the year comes when the nights in the Northern Hemisphere are at their longest and coldest. It's at this time that fiction is needed the most. Against the backdrop of darkness, we gather close and whisper tales to entertain and inspire—and to remind ourselves that dawn will return.

Welcome to issue #135. In these pages are the continuation of Flashlight, Knife and Flowered Crown. Hands of a Toolmaker presents another tale of rage, but this time it is contained and honed into a weapon. To balance the issue we have Slough, a story of the past coming back to haunt. In Kirti, karma serves a sour dish to one man. The stories are knit together with a variety of verse from some of the finest speculative poets publishing today.

​Whether you read in print, digital or listen to the audio production, this issue will warm and entertain until spring.




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Snapshots of a Witch’s Life

Elsa M. Carruthers

Breaking Stars like Wishbones

Sara Tantlinger


William Landis​