Cover art © K.B. Kofoed


A Door Opens

Gordon Linzner


​Derwin Mak

Twisted-Up Things

Evey Brett

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Sneak a Peak at Terrible Tim

& the Drive-In Movie Maniacs
Angela Yuriko Smith

Happy National Poetry Month
Angela Yuriko Smith

So many words—this issue bristles with them. Five stories (+ two in the digital edition) and 15 poems have filled this issue fit to burst. The characters that parade through them are as varied as the writers who pen them. Girls with pesky Y chromosomes holding them back, beasts hunting a frightened city, a mourning lover hunting another chance, a lost girl trapped in the wrong body, an arms dealer's daughter coming of age... the tales spill across the page, waiting to ensnare your imagination for a few hours. To celebrate April as National Poetry Month, this issue is also rich with poetry. All of this is wrapped up in a beautiful cover created by K.B. Kofoed. 

Most people only live once. Readers live a new life with each new tale. Here are five new lives, 15 poems and two bonus lives worth living.




Space and Time Magazine has been putting some of the best speculative fiction and poetry in ink for over five decades—a must-read for true fans of the strange and unusual. Readers will discover the rising stars of genre fiction alongside industry staples like Jessica A. Salmonson, Norman Spinrad, Jack Ketchum, and Aliette de Bodard.



John Reinhart

Ode to Freeman Dyson

K.B. Kofoed

The Last of Us

Christina Sng